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The initials ‘LRC’ stand for the ‘Lord Roberts Centre’.

Field Marshall Lord Roberts of Kandahar, VC, one of the fathers of small-bore target shooting and a great believer in the importance of the sport as a means of developing responsible and skilful shooting, open to all. Lord Roberts leaves a lasting legacy through his name and the principles on which the sport of target shooting is founded. The Lord Roberts Centre, (LRC), is situated within Bisley Camp, a few miles from Guildford in leafy Surrey.

Originally designed as a large centre to host shooting sports, the Lord Roberts Centre is set in picturesque Surrey heath-land, with many colonial style buildings from Victorian and Edwardian times. The present Lord Roberts Centre was built as a large complex to accommodate small-bore target shooting for the 2002 Commonwealth Games and visitors to the centre are welcome to view the ranges which are very much in use today as the national home of small-bore shooting. The large floor spaces within the building also now lend themselves to any number of indoor sporting activities.

Clearly and crucially, shooting does not take place during corporate or social events, so noise will never be a concern to clients booking the venue.

Since Queen Victoria, the Royal Family has continued to maintain strong links with Bisley and Her Majesty the Queen is the Patron of the National Small-bore Rifle Association (NSRA), a heritage of which we are justly proud.


Lord Roberts of Kandahar VC

Helpful friendly staff, a well equipped gym and great floor space for our keep fit group. What more do we need?

Mrs A M Baker, Surrey

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