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What's on

Whats on at the Lord Roberts Centre in the coming weeks.


Important news for Hockey players and teams! There is much Saturday availability free for teams and individuals to book the hockey rink, throughtout June and July from 08:00-20:00!


  • 2nd-4th June,     The NSRA 50m Championships on the 50m
  • 9th-10th June,    NSRA Benchrest Championships, 25yd and 50m
  • 19th June,          50m and 25yd range closed for maintenance
  • 24th-25th June, BPC 50m and 10m Championships
  • 30th June,         Corporals Mess Summer Ball
  • 2nd July,             Annual Surrey County SBRA 50m Open Meeting
  • 3rd July              British Action Academy "Gun Rush, Firearms for Film training
  • 7th-9th July        The British Action Academy Warrior Masterclass

The facilities at the LRC lend themselves ideally to events of this kind.. plenty of open floor space and good access for visitors and vehicles

Mr J Simpson, Camberley

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